Practice Spanish

In science, new findings often lead to technique revolution in that area. Language learning is not an exception. New theories of learning always bring new learning methods that dramatically improve learning speed and experience. Rocket Spanish is such a modern Spanish learning system that is based on 3 new findings of learning theory: George A. Miller’s chunking theory which breaks down complex content into small manageable pieces; Dr Stephen Krashen’s learning environment theory which reveals that supportive learning environment with in time and accurate feedback from native speaker is vital to language learning; Neil Fleming’s VARK model(people learn things Visually, Aurally, by Reading/writing, Kinesthetically). These theories are realized in Rocket Spanish through advanced e-learning technology, which includes 32 audio Spanish lessons and many interesting learning tools to help you learn Spanish in an easier and enjoyable way. I personally very like its Rocket Record tool which you can use to record your voice and compare it to the voice of native speaker. We all know that practicing Spanish often is the best way to learn Spanish. But we have rare
opportunities to practice Spanish. In fact practicing Spanish is a bigger problem than other languages such as English because of fewer native Spanish speakers. A private Spanish tutor would cost you too much. Rocket record provides the opportunity to practice Spanish yourself. You can practice Spanish by listening to Spanish words, saying/recording them, comparing to the voice of native speaker and getting rated. This way you can get your accent improved like a native Spanish speaker. You can practice Spanish by listening to the audio, writing them down and getting rated on time. This way you can learn how to write Spanish correctly. You can also practice Spanish by listening to the English words and translating them to Spanish. The e-learning system also records your voices and compares to the native speaker to rate how you understand Spanish. Rocket Spanish also have developed apps for you to practice Spanish anywhere and anytime.

Another important finding in language learning is that although every language has thousands of different words, only a few of them are used in common conversation. This finding is employed to develop another Spanish learning course called Synergy Spanish. In Synergy Spanish, you are required to learn only 138 Spanish words. Your task is to use these 138 words proficiently by combining these words and applying them in every scenarios. It sounds interesting and quite easy to take(25 day learning time according to the advocate).

Both the above Spanish learning courses imply the philosophy of learning Spanish by practicing Spanish. Practicing Spanish means you should use it in your day life not just read and memory the language in your brain.