learning strategy

When I recall the old days I studied hard in school for scoring better grades, I must admit that a lot of hard work is in vain. I did ace my exams but that took me too much time and energy due to lack of a good learning strategy. I did not realize the importance of a learning strategy because I have a misunderstanding that good grades can only be obtained by hard work and there is no such learning strategy in the world that can let you ace exams with less studying time. I was wrong, totally wrong! I should have found this holistic learning earlier. It gives you a brand-new learning strategy that you can learn more, study less. But let me make thing clear first. I am not talking about being a great man like Newton or Einstein, which are basically born with gifts. No learning strategy makes you become Newton or Einstein. Have they used so called learning strategy? No, absolutely not. Meanwhile a learning strategy cannot teach you to be Bill Gates or something, who are not good students in school. I am talking about getting A average in your class. This is a simple task and a good learning strategy is enough to help you achieve that.  This holistic learning method provides many useful studying skills such as speed reading, taking flow-based notes, using mental pictures,setting studying goals, and so on, to achieve its goal: learn more and study less. So why not have a try? I think you will have a pleasant studying experience after taking this advanced learning strategy.