how to save money on a cruise

Some people asked me, “is internet free on carnival cruise lines?”. As a victim of high cruise line expense, I begin to seek a method to save money on a cruise vacation. Finally, I got this book Intelligent Cruiser on how to save money on a cruise. This book is written by an ex-cruise ship officer. The guy knows everything about the tricks cruise lines use to take money from passenger’s pockets. In this guide he introduces many useful methods to save money on a cruise such as when and how to book cruise to get more discounts and perks, how to get free cabin upgrades, how to be on the vip list of a cruise line so that you can get many benefits, how to save money on cruise deal,shopping. In fact this book can be a comprehensive cruise vacation guide that covers every aspects of a cruise trip such as what to take before on board, how to take care of your luggage to avoid theft, how to deal with the cruise members, etc. The author even tells you how to get a job on a cruise ship without paying extra fee. Even you do not find the answer of “is internet free on carnival cruise lines?”, you may get many tips about “how to save money on a cruise” that can save you much more money than free internet access. People who cruise frequently dream of cruising for free. Using the tips in this book will lower your cruise fare dramatically.