how to create a iphone app

How to create a iphone app? This is a question of many software developers who want to catch the Golden Rush of emerging iPhone app wave. I once asked my friend Tom who works as a Windows software developer: do you know how to create a iphone app? He said: I just know how to write C/C++ programs with Visual Studio, I do not know how to create a iphone app which seems quite different with Windows software, and I am too old to study iphone stuff, let youngsters do that. I think many software engineer like my friend Tom think so. They even do not think about how to create a iphone app, though all of them admit there are great opportunities in iphone app market. I also thought so until I found this mobile app development tutorial. In this mobile app development tutorial, the author teach us how to create a iphone app in 4 weeks. The best part is no programming skills are needed! If those ignorant of programming can know how to create a iphone app in such a short period, why cannot we software engineers with solid C/C++ knowledge? The mobile app development tutorial includes two parts. The first part teaches you how to create a iphone app(a little game) step by step. The second part tells you how to sell your iphone app. The author gets these valuable marketing secrets by asking many successful iphone app vendors for suggestions. So this mobile app development tutorial is not just a video lesson for programming techniques, but also a full course/guide for your whole app project.