free energy

Have you ever considered of using free energy instead of paying expensive electricity bill every month? Most people never think about using free energy.They have been accustomed to paying power bills even they have difficulties in buying foods.This is a terrible fact that is worth of concerns. Why? Is “no free energy” a principle like “no free lunch”? Some guys may know about solar energy but then cancel this idea quickly because they have the impression that solar energy is high-tech and expensive. Now I will tell you the truth. First let me tell you why people form the above idea of no free energy. It is the power of monopoly. The monopoly electricity companies hide the truth that free energy devices exist in the world and keep charging your money. If you do not believe it, I will introduce two free energy devices for you. One is a solar energy power generation system. Do not be afraid. It is not expensive and not complex at all. You can buy cheap materials online and DIY yourself according to the guide. The other is more mysterious. It is called Nikola Tesla Secret, a device invented 100 years ago by famous Nikola Tesla. The device was invented to collect the unlimited free energy trapped by the region between the edge of space(the ionosphere, full of positive particles) and the ground with the negative charges. With one of the two free energy devices, you can use free electricity from now on.