dog food

Several decades ago, people like to eat high-calories and high-fat foods like buttered toast, drink cokes, and fill stomachs with cream and milk. Bread companies, carbonated drink companies, and milk companies advocate their products as very delicious foods and you should not miss them. Now we all know these are garbage foods and ruin your health. Companies say nothing about this and continue to play the same tricks , this time to our pets. They produce lots of garbage dog foods, allure us to buy them and feed our dogs. Most commercial dog foods are dangerous with all kinds of toxic ingredients like preservatives, although they are labeled as 100% natural ingredients and full nutritions. What dog food companies care about is their profits, not the health of your dog. Few people know the process of dog food manufacturing. Some euthanized dogs and cats with poison residue ¬†are used to produce dog food. What if you feed your dog with such dog foods? Think about how long your dog lives. I tell you the potential lifespan of a dog is 27 years. Most dogs die of diseases caused by those garbage dog foods. The author of “Dog Food Secrets” finds that there are only 9 kinds of commercial dog foods are safe in North American. For the sake of your dog’s health, the author suggests to make safe dog foods yourself according to the guide in that book. The book also helps you discern the real meaning of the labels on commercial dog foods. “Dog Food Secrets” reveals that dogs eating foods made according to the dog food recipes in the book will live 8.3 years longer than the average of their breed.