body transformation



Look at the couple in the above photo, who are in 50s and the authors of “Old School, New Body“, a book about body transformation. Do you want to transform your body as they do? I hear you say: everybody wants that, but how? I have tried all the fitness plans but none of them works. Some guys blame themselves on the failure of body transformation. They think the failure is because they do not work hard enough, and only few supermen(in fact 0.5% of those attending Gym courses according to research) can succeed in transforming their bodies. This is not true! Yes, body transformation need hard work but not that hard. The failure is due to the incorrect concepts rooted in your mind. You’re taught to eat low-fat diets and excise a lot everyday. But actually low cholesterol and dietary fat intake often makes you weak not to say shape your body. After you reach 35, working out long only speeds the aging process and does no good to body transformation. A scientific fitness plan is absolutely needed for body transformation. In the book “Old School, New Body”, a specific workout plan plus an accompanying nutrition plan are provided not only helpful in body transformation, but also good in reversing aging process and making you look younger. The so called F4X protocol in this workout system includes three phases. The first phase transforms your body by burning off fat and losing weight. People who are seeking a weight loss method can just take this lean program. The second phase is called shape phase, which helps you shape your muscles. The third phase is build phase. You will complete your body transformation plan in this phase. As a result of this phase, you will be like a mini bodybuilder. All these three phases have almost the same foundational plan, only slight modifications of lifts and diets. The best part of this body transformation system is that you are in total control of the plan and can stop when you think you have lost enough weight or gained enough muscles. The rest is maintaining the status by using an easier protocol.